Mercury Academic is the leading administration system within Oxbridge Colleges

Through our commitment to quality, flexibility and specialism we are able to provide complete College Wide Solutions, specific to Colleges in Oxford and Cambridge.

Since 1990 we have been working closely with our customers to build a system with the breadth required in these unique environments whilst being flexible enough to meet the individual needs of each College.

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Providing outstanding service to our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in working closely with our customers to satisfy all your business needs.


We offer a dedicated training service, providing customised training to suit your requirements.
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Who we work with

We are proud to work with the following outstanding Oxbridge colleges.
  • Oxford Allsouls
  • Oxford Ballilol
  • Logo Brasenose Oxford
  • Oxford Christchurch
  • Oxford Corpus Christi
  • Oxford Green Templeton
  • Oxford Jesus
  • Oxford Keble
  • Oxford Linacre
  • Oxford Lincoln
  • Oxford Magdalen
  • Oxford Mansfield
  • Oxford Merton
  • Oxford Newcollege
  • Oxford Oriel
  • Oxford Pembroke
  • Oxford Queens College
  • Oxford Regents Park
  • Oxford Somerville
  • Oxford Stannes
  • Oxford Stcross
  • Oxford Stedmund
  • Oxford Stjohns
  • Oxford St Peters
  • Oxford Trinity
  • Oxford University College
  • Oxford Wadham
  • Oxford Wolfson
  • Oxford Wycliffe
  • Cambridge Christs
  • Cambridge Emmanuel
  • Cambridge Fitzwilliam
  • Cambridge Kings
  • Logo Jesus College Cambridge
  • Cambridge Lucy Cavendish
  • Logo Murray Edwards Cambridge
  • Cambridge Newnham
  • Cambridge Robinson
  • Cambridge Selwyn
  • Cambridge Sidney Sussex
  • Cambridge Stedmund
  • Cambridge Trinity Hall
  • Cambridge Wolfson

We constantly listen to you and continually update our modules to give you the best functionality using the latest technology.

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